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Accessing Your Stripe AccountLearn how to Login and set up two-factor authentication.
View Account StatusUnderstand how to check your account status and prevent past due payments.
Ordering a Credit Card Reader for StripeLearn how to order a new credit card reader.
WisePOS E & S700 TroubleshootingDoes your device show as disconnected? Choose this article for more help.
How to View Stripe Transactions/PaymentsThe Payments section lets you view and manage all of your customer’s recent payments and useful links to show more info.
BalancesGet a general understanding of Balance Overview, Top-ups, and Payouts.
CustomersLearn about the Customer Tab in Stripe.
ReconciliationLearn about Balance Report (Reconciliation) and reporting.
SettingsLearn How to Access Your Settings.
Setting up the BBPOS WisePOS ESetting up the BBPOS WisePOS E for DaySmart Recreation.
Viewing FeesClick here to find how how to view fees on Payments and Payouts.
Update Business Address, Email, Phone Number with StripeHow to Edit Demographic Information such as your business address, home address, Email address, Date of Birth, or Phone number.
Stripe DBA Name UpdateLearn how to update Public Business Information such as: DBA, email, address, descriptor, website, privacy policy, & terms of service.
Legal Name & Tax ID Update - StripeHow to Update your Legal Name and Tax ID Number (TIN).
Bank Account Change - StripeLearn how to update Bank Account details from the Stripe Dashboard.
Contact Stripe SupportLearn how you can reach out for additional help.
User Management - StripeLearn how to manage your Team - add members, manage logins, and more.
3D Secure Authentication (3DS) Transactions3D Secure authentication (3DS) transactions while using Stripe for DaySmart Vet and Rec.
Checkout with a BBPOS WisePOS EHow to checkout when using a BBPOS WisePOS E terminal using DaySmart Recreation Software.

Discontinued - Setting Up Your iSMP4Guide for setting up iSMP4 terminal: Charge, navigate menus, connect to Wi-Fi, confirm settings. Ready to use!
ACH Payments through CardConnect
Setting Up Your Clover FlexGet started with Clover Flex: Follow setup steps for seamless activation and usage.
Setting Up Your Clover MiniFrom unboxing to connecting to Wifi, this article will make sure you're ready to start using your Clover Mini.
Prepare For Your Scheduled CallLearn how to prepare for your scheduled call with our Onboarding Team.
DBA UpdateLearn how to update your DBA ('Doing Business As') Name by submitting a ticket.
Federal Backup Withholding NoticeIf your legal name on file does not match your tax filing name, here's how you would update your Business Information.
Legal Name/Tax ID UpdateLearn how to Update your Legal Name or Tax ID in the Merchant Portal.
Create a Support TicketThis page will review the basic steps to creating a support ticket in your Merchant Portal.
Update Batch TimeLearn about DaySmart Payments automatic batching process and how to update your batch time.
Become PCI CompliantPCI compliance is an important piece of keeping your customers data secure. It can also save you from any non-compliant fees.
Viewing Credit Card Transactions in CardPointe
Bank Account Change - CardConnectLearn how to update your Bank Account with your CardConnect Account.
Update Business Address, Email, Phone Number with CardConnectLearn how to submit a Demographic Change Ticket to change phone number, mailing address, email address, or location address change.
Clover Flex TroubleshootingHaving trouble with your credit card reader? See steps below to help resolve common common issues and return to taking payments.
Clover Mini TroubleshootingHaving trouble with your credit card reader? See steps below to help resolve common common issues and return to taking payments.