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Initial Setup
Initial Setup
Add Ons
Adding a Contract Language to an Event Type
Adding a Partner to an Account (Online App)
Adding Additional Family Members (Admin side)
Adding Additional Resources to Event Booking
Adding Games Directly to the Calendar
Adding Membership to Customer
Adding Membership to the Cart
Adding Multiple Adults to a Child's Account
Adding Product to the Cash Register Page
Adding Roles to an Employee
Alternate Email
Card ID & Player Cards thru Jolly Software
Card ID & Player Cards Through DaySmart Recreation
Assigning Staff
Attaching Invoices to Events
Audio Alert for Customer Check-in
Auto Renew Memberships
Auto Tagging with the Kiosk
Calendar Personal Preferences
Calendar User Interface Updates
Cash Drawer
Cash Drawer Setup
Checkin Kiosk
Clover Installation and Setup
Company Settings Page
Constant Contact Integration
Contact/Non Participant Customer Type
Converting Customer Type
Creating a Contact Customer Type
Creating a Gift Card Product
Creating a New Participant Account
Creating a Normal Product
Creating a Rental Series
Creating a Single Rental
Creating an Organization Customer Type
Creating an Upsell or Add-on Product
Creating and Editing a Tax Rate
Creating Customers and Signing Waivers via Kiosk
Custom Fields and Forms Intro
Custom Payment Types
Customer Service Training Resources
Customer Tags
Customer Types
Date and Site Time Format Settings
DaySmart Recreation Color Theme
Deleting Additional Resource Events
Digital Signatures
Disable Automatic Additions to Family Membership
Disable Login for Inactive Dash Admin User Accounts
Employee and Instructor Rate Setup
Employee Authorizations
Employee Roles
Employee Set Up
Enabling the Twilio Add-on
Event Import
Event Types
Events with a Roster
Gift Card Printing
Expiration Date for Memberships
Gift Card Setup
External Links
Family Credit
Fitness Management
Free Trial Overview (Admin Side)
Fund Accounting
GIS (Geographic Information System) Mapping
Gratuity on Invoices
Kitchen Display System
Learn to Skate Membership Verification
LiveBarn Integration
Location Check-in
Location Specific Event Types
Location Specific Membership Products
Make-Ups Overview (Admin Side)
Merging Duplicate Customer Accounts
Merging Duplicate Organization Accounts
MFA (Multi Factor Authorization) Feature
Organization Customer Type
Participant Customer Type
Password Security Settings
Player Stats and Stat Report
Player Suspensions and Player Suspension Report
Printer Set Up
Priority Registration
Product Fee Categories
Product Inventory Control
Program Names
Purchase or Load a Gift Card
Purchase Orders
Registration Add Ons and Purchase Order Update
Reloading a Gift Card from the Admin Side
Require Storing Credit Card to Purchase Online
Required Tag for Product Purchase
Residency Pricing
Resource Address
Restaurant Point of Sale Setup
RFAM Integration
Ringing up products via Cash Register
Saving Payment Information
Searching For a Customer or Organization
Searching for a Gift Card
Send Kiosk Link to Customers
Setting User Homepage
Skill Level
Sport Type
SportNinja Integration
Staff Schedules in Calendar
Subscribing to Employee Calendar
Taking Customer Profile Pictures
Task Management
Tax Exempt Customers & Tax Exempt Reporting
Team Level
Team Season
Transferring a Customer
Transferring memberships (Ex. Individual to Family)
Transferring Money from One Gift Card to Another
Unpublished Events on Calendar
Up-Selling Products
Updated Navigation from Menu Bar
Upload Files to Events
Uploading Files to Customer Profile
USA Hockey Membership Add on
Using a Gift Card on the Admin Side
Using Custom Fields & Forms
Using Custom Forms with Event Types
Using Mail Merge for Event Reports
Using the Restaurant Point of Sale
Waiver Management
Restaurant Point of Sale Setup (Internal - Receipt Printer Setup)
Quick Kiosk with Signature
Receipt Printing
Twilio Verify
Receipt Printer Setup